Digital Printed Jute bags

Sara International is a pioneer in making Digital Printed Jute bags. Over a period of time screen printing has been done of Jute hand bags and shopping bags. But there has not been improvement is printing what we like. For this reason we have pioneered the art of making digitally printed bags that c [...]

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Jute at Your Feet

jute slippers

Living in the eco-friendly era, the utility of jute cannot be denied in any way. As people are growing their knowledge over the disadvantages of plastic, we are more likely inclined to the biodegradable bags. May it is the raw material or the processed fibre, jute is been used in many areas of our d [...]

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Go Versatile with Jute

Are uses of jute fibre is still limited in making sacks? Standing in this 21st century, it seems quite hard to say that. Jute stands second in production and usage after cotton. With the growing expedition and researches, jute is now considered to be the vegetable fibre that’s every part can be ut [...]

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Uses of Jute

Jute is known as the versatile fibre of nature because of its varying uses. During the Industrial Revolution, jute yarn simply replaced flax and hemp fibres, which were used to make sackcloth. Sacking makes up the bulk of manufactured jute products even to this day.  One of the best key features of [...]

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Jute Trade

Jute is mainly a production of Bangladesh and Indian state of West Bengal- a primary reason why major jute bags manufacturers are located in this region. Earlier the Jute was used for domestic consumption by the villagers.  At that time Jute was largely traded by Dutch and French from Bengal. Howev [...]

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Types of Jute

Jute is a natural intervention which occurs without exaggeration or any special effort. It is perfect for making environmental shopping bags. It is one of the most inexpensive fibers that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This gives a rich and naturally golden color to it and is also kn [...]

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