Active Self Esteem

Our Philosophy at Sara International is to work towards quality of life by encouraging self-esteem. That is what our CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is based on. We aim to encourage our employees to learn different skills by conducting regular training programme. By spending on training of our staff we aim to enhance our staff’s self-esteem.

Since we follow a complete Eco-friendly process of production, we instruct our employees to wear masks and gloves in order to ensure safety. It helps protect the other employees as well and maintains a hygienic environment in our workplace.


Saving Water

We believe every single drop of water is important for living. So we encourage everyone to save water at our work place. Our Jute shopping bags is a Jute plant fibre which requires little water. Hence we instruct everyone to follow these steps

  • Do not misuse the water.
  • Usage of water should be managed properly.
  • Pollutants should not be discharged without proper treatment.
  • Proper efforts are taken to maintain the quality of water.
  • Promoting rain-water harvesting, as well as, irrigation projects has been implemented.



We at Sara International believe that lack of transparency in the workplace results into lack of trust. Hence we maintain a complete transparency. Payments on time are one of the measures taken. We personally engage with our employees via face-to-face with greater frequency.


Green Workplace

Switching off the lights when not required, as well as, recycling etc are some of the initiatives taken on field. We Start with good furniture, good lighting, and good air and it has been proven to improve worker’s productivity and satisfaction.


Ethical Psychology

We at Sara International believe ethical perspective is the key to success. Hence, we have taken necessary safeguards, which are implemented to protect the rights and welfare of the employees. Everyone is served with respect and dignity which makes them work more comfortably and be productive.


Against child labor

We discourage child labor, as well as, forced labor. All workers are treated with dignity and respect in a dynamic environment. In our Organisation we are strongly against child labor. Hence we have self-imposed prohibition of entry in our factory of any person below 20 years of age.

Health and Safety

Emphasis is given to safer factory in day-to-day operations and facilities so that there is zero percent work related accidents/injuries.

We routinely discuss safety at staff and employee meetings;

We conduct facility workarounds, noting best practices, as well as, areas in need of improvement;

Encouraging towards safe behaviors;

We have taken steps in launching accident investigations as soon as possible and then follow up to identify corrective actions as well; and

Employees are made clear that they may shut down an operation if they believe conditions are unsafe or unhealthful.


No Discrimination

Employment conditions are based on an individual’s ability to perform any particular task/work irrespective of the person’s gender, origin or religion.  So we have both male and female workers working in our factory.


For further information on our CSR activities, please feel free to contact us.