What Are The Advantages That Juco bags & other products has over regular plastic products

As the name Juco suggests- it is a mixture of Jute and Cotton Fabric. Juco bags are basically made from 75% Jute and 25% Cotton. It has been designed to take the best properties of both jute and cotton in order to create an eco alternative to jute & cotton. It has all the benefits that jute provides.

Along with that few other advantages are there as well such as:

  • Juco has a much more finer weave, in comparison to Jute, Cotton or Canvas.
  • Juco contains all the versatility of both jute and cotton. So it can be used in much the same like way – shopping bags, wine-bottle bags, promotional bags, fashion bags, etc
  • Jute has one of the lowest ecological footprints of all reusable bags, which is a quality carried on by juco
  • Juco bags are ideal products to help you reduce your carbon footprint for a safer & greener Earth.

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Sara International is one of the top jute bags manufacturers. They have also come up with an exclusive line of juco bags & other products as well.