Go Versatile with Jute

Are uses of jute fibre is still limited in making sacks? Standing in this 21st century, it seems quite hard to say that. Jute stands second in production and usage after cotton. With the growing expedition and researches, jute is now considered to be the vegetable fibre that’s every part can be utilised and even when decomposed or burned, it leaves no harmful gases in the air.

Jute is soft shiny natural fibres that are spun into long threads to make the multi-usable jute fabric. The jute industry seems to be growing really faster in this century due to its biodegradable nature. Today jute is been used as fashion accessory, clothing fabric and at the same time, it is also been used for making furniture and decorative items.

The versatile use of jute can be classified as follows

  • Jute clothing

Jute clothes are latest in the fashion industry and are used to make different types of clothing. The softer feel of the material makes it a comfortable daily wear. Also, the fabric has its natural golden shine that adds a bit to the styling. Jute fabrics are ideal for using formal as well as the casual wear. Available in varieties of colours and designs, this fabric is used to make sarees, kurtas, skirts and tunics. Not forgetting about the men, jute fabric shirts and pants are also available in the market. Adding more to the styling, jute scarves are also very popular in the styling industry. Traditional block prints or modern day art print are also done on the fabric as per the need.

The fashion and jute textile industries are experimenting a lot on this natural fibre to make it usable in a more fashionable sense.

  • Jute Bags and jewellery

Jute bags in any way cannot be forgotten. The bags have replaced the harmful plastic bags from the market. Adding a lot towards making the world go green, the bags are been extensively used throughout the world. It can carry heavy loads at the same time looks very trendy. Jute bags are been used to make bags of all types such as for grocery shopping, handbags, purse and also for carrying mobiles. Printed jute bags add on to your casual look. The handles of these bags are good enough to carry on the shoulder.

Handmade jute jewellery is trendy fashion jewellery that goes well with the ethnic wear. Though a variety of colours are available in this jewellery but the smoothing jute colour also looks nice.

  • Jute Shoes

As the fabric is made from the soft and smooth fibre, so it serves well as shoes. Usually preferred to be used as the home slippers, it gives comfort along with an elegant and classy look. Have you tried the jute slippers ever? Then go for this comfort ride.

  • Jute Furniture

Impress your guests with the looking good jute furniture. The furniture made from jute is an all-time favourite for consumers all around the globe. Apart from less expensive, the jute furniture enhances the room’s area. This can be the perfect choice for those who want to have long-lasting furniture with a low maintenance cost. Jute furniture is rust free and thus fits as outdoor furniture also. Today, jute furniture is widely available in the market.

  • Jute decorative items

People are more conscious about making an eco-friendly Earth, so an extensive use of the jute fibres has been noticed nowadays. Jute carpets were common from the earlier period; they add styling to the room. The natural fibre jute is now used for making rope, curtains, wall hangings, sacks, baskets, multi-use stand, flowers and flower stand.

Understanding the need to have a clean and eco-friendly world, people are more inclined to use the natural fibre items. Jute Bags Suppliers from the rural areas are also getting a means of earning as they had to meet the vast requirement of jute items. If you still do not possess any of the jute items then have one, I bet you will go for the second piece soon.