Online Cotton trading is an enormous advantage for Cotton Bags Manufacturers & Farmers

It will free farmers & cotton bags manufacturers from the menace of middlemen

Under the e-National Agricultural Market (e-NAM), an online trading platform, electronic trading of cotton i.e. online cotton trading began at the Khammam Agricultural Market Yard on 1st March, 2017.

The KAMC launched the e-NAM facilitating electronic trading in cotton, after facing initial hiccups owing to resistance from a certain section of traders or rather middlemen.

The response was overwhelming. Literally thousands of farmers traded thousands of cotton bags through e-NAM platform on the very first day.

Of course, tight security arrangements were made at the market yard. This was done in order to ensure smooth conduct of the e-trading.

The e-NAM facility was actually started for trading of green gram, red gram and maize in the market yard recently.

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 This online initiative is intended to free farmers from the menace of middlemen. It will simply enable them to secure fair prices for their agriculture produce in a transparent manner. The end buyer like Sara International, one of the top cotton bags manufacturers, are also likely to gain in this transparent hasle free process.

Initially there was some opposition in some quarters. This was primarily due to lack of knowledge, awareness & misconceptions about the new technology i.e. the electronics system

The officials, who arranged it, held a series of meetings with the traders, farmers, as well as, hamalis under the supervision of Joint Collector Vinay Krishna Reddy to sensitise them & spread awareness on the benefits of the e-NAM in a couple of weeks before this event was started.

These officials have drawn up plans to introduce the electronic trading system under e-NAM for various other products. These includes like red chillies as well.