The bag and luggage market in India has continued to develop with luggage particularly driven by growth in the Indian tourism industry throughout 2016. Moreover, as disposable incomes are on the rise. More & more people are travelling. It is having a positive effect on bags and luggage demand & sales. Branded bag and luggage are becoming rapidly popular in India. As an increasing numbers of women are entering the workforce, it is boosting demand & sales for branded bags and luggage. It is in line with rising fashion consciousness, with such consumers generating the demand for aspirational brands. These products have become fashion statements, as well as, lifestyle products. Since they are not purchased very often, consumers tend to buy the best brands that they can afford.

Printed beach bag

Environmental Shopping bag

Sara International– a jute bag company continues to maintain its position as one of the leading brands in environmental shopping & fashion bags and luggage. It is one of the leading manufacturers of jute, cotton, canvas & juco bags. As a supplier & exporter of these products including jutecotton fabrics & disposable hotel slippers, it caters not only to the Indian market, but also throughout the world. The company has been present in the country since its inception and has built a strong brand name in the bags and luggage category of industry.

As a leading bags and luggage player, Sara International puts great emphasis on product innovations. Such as the launch of various handbags for women and eco-friendly bags with a lower carbon footprint. This will definitely boost sales of this category in the country. The authorities in this company sees great potential in this industry category due the following reason-

According to Euromonitor International’s Travel and Tourism data, India will see 24 million outbound tourists by the year 2021. This presents favourable prospects for the luggage industry in India in the future.