Using the Versatile Juco Bags

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Have you used the eco-friendly bags ever? Maybe yes as this bags have gained their immense popularity in the past few years. Noting the hazards that plastics bags make to our environment, peoples are getting towards using the eco-friendly bags that are 100% biodegradable and can be recycled. Mainly made from jute or cotton, these environment-friendly bags add up to your styling. The handmade jute bags are extensively used as shopping bags, office and college bags, bottle bags, fashion bags and many others to name.

As per the human nature to invent something more useful, the Juco bags came into the market. These useful eco-friendly bags are made by blending 75% of Jute with 25% cotton to obtain the advantages of both the materials used. Some of the jute bags suppliers also consider it to be an ecological alternative to the jute bags and the cotton bags. Unlike the traditional jute bags, the Juco bags are smooth yet give the durability and strength of the jute bags. For having a better printing surface, cotton is used up as another material used for making this 100% bio-degradable and reusable bags. The reasons for using the Juco bags;

  • Has a less ecological impact.
  • Doesn’t get damaged or tear up easily.
  • Printing on the material is possible.
  • Water resistant.
  • Easy to wash.

Though jute bags have a large ecological impact but the promotional jute bags are not water repellent and can also do not offer a smooth surface for printing. Juco bags had the advantages over these that make it more popular. As these bags contain 25% of cotton materials, so the bags gives a very smooth surface on which any designs can be made easily. Although the bags look good in the golden colour, a large colour variety is also available in these bags category. Unlike the jute bags, the juco bags can be washed and dried easily. Furthermore, the juco bags had a comfortable handle that makes it easy to carry items. Neither less to be concern about the fashion factor as the juco bags looks very fashionable and can be used for carrying a number of items.


Though it is hard to say that the inventors are going to make some more useful bags or not in the mere future but today the fact is that the juco bags are running successfully over the market. This bags looks stylish yet can carry a lot of the items in it. It can be presumed that the demand of the juco bags wholesale market is going to raise a few more heights.