Recent Trend Shows Demand for Indian jute bags is rising in Europe & across the world

Amid increasing awareness against the use of plastic bags, especially in the European Union, Indian jute carry and shopping bags exporters are shipping over millions of bags every year & trends show that the numbers are likely to keep rising rapidly. Sara International, one of the top jute bags manufacturers, which is taking advantage of this trend. We believe that there is a big scope globally for Indian jute shopping bags as an alternative to plastic bags. India’s export of jute bags have risen quite rapidly. As per industry estimates, India had exported millions of jute bags mainly to Europe. With the big jute mills already in the manufacturing of the bags. The production of this item, which is mainly in the micro and small enterprises, has picked up substantially in the last few years.

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Jute Bags

Massive opportunity in the jute production industry

The jute bags industry and market is still in a nascent stage. But Indian entrepreneurs in this line of business believes that it is a huge opportunity for themselves. This is because they do not see major competition or challenge from any other country. Not even from jute-growing country of Bangladesh. This primarily due to the fact that even though other countries may have good jute production, they lack the infrastructure & investment climate to come up with, as well as, export finished jute products.