Jute bags manufacturers & cotton bags manufacturers have an edge in the bag making business

The eco friendly product of jute & cotton gives the jute bags manufacturers the edge in the market.

reusable bag material

Bags are probably the most useful thing in our daily lives. They are for domestic use, as well as, for industrial use. It is utilized in almost every country in the world for the purpose of packaging. Bags manufacturing industry mostly consists of enormous number of units of small scale. It is considered to be in the cottage industry sector & is known to be highly labor intensive giving jobs to millions of people across the world. Among its major raw materials are fabric cloth, which is mainly of cotton, canvas & linen.

Versatility that is jute

However, due to its versatility even jute is gaining popularity as it raw material. Bags of various sizes, as well as, constructions are used mainly in transportation & storage purpose. The choice from these varieties of bag are made with respect to the cost-benefit ratio & the application for which it is intended. Some bags are custom made for particular products. Shipment & transportation of hazardous materials in certain bags have to be done in accordance to the regulations. The popularity of bags depend largely on its strength & resistibility to tear & snag. These are the factors which gives jute bags manufacturers, suppliers & exporters an edge over others. Cotton bags manufacturers also enjoy this advantage in the market with their products. Promotional jute bags & cotton promotional bags may also be printed for brand specification, as well as, for decorative purposes.