5 ethically made, stylish, eco-friendly backpacks

Clothes and shoes are usually the first things that come to mind when we think about sustainable fashion, But the term is also applicable to accessories like backpacks. The list below shows some of the best eco-friendly backpacks picks, some of which are made entirely from waste materials or recycled fabrics; others from renewable, as well as, biodegradable cloth.

Jute bags manufacturers, as well as, cotton bags manufacturers make some of the most stylish, ethical & eco-friendly bags. However, the list below contains some backpacks which are out of the ordinary.

These backpacks cost more than what you’d normally pay at a local sporting goods store or online. But that cost reflects more ethical production, as well as, consideration of the bag’s life cycle that most consumer goods do not but must acknowledge.

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Re-Kanken Backpack

Each of these backpacks contains 11 recycled bottles, which are converted into a yarn that is used for the fabric, lining, and webbing. The process is called SpinDye and uses “far less water, chemicals, and energy than conventional dyeing techniques.” The monochromatic backpacks come in 11 vibrant colors.

Hemp-Cotton Backpack

Backpacks don’t have to made of nylon. By using a cotton and hemp blend, you can have a very durable, washable bag that will grow softer with use and eventually biodegrade once it reaches end of life. This backpack is 55 percent hemp and 45 percent cotton. It has several zippered pockets, a laptop holder, and padded straps.

Cotton Drawstring Backpack

This backpack is made from 100 percent recycled cotton, which is arguably much better for the environment than organic cotton.

The backpack is small (10.5” x 15” x 5”), but perfect for carrying daily essentials. It features a drawstring closure and metal snap at top. There is one main compartment and two exterior side pockets.

Kathmandu Convertible

Socially responsible brand partners with weavers in rural Nepal and India to produce beautiful traditional textiles. The weavers are paid fair wages, and all fabrics are sourced from organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and stinging nettle, and waterproof linings are made from recycled polyester. This eye-catching convertible bag transforms from backpack to messenger bag as needed. It fits a 15” laptop.

Pembrooke Backpack

You don’t often find backpacks made out of cork fabric! These bags come from cork trees harvested in southern Portugal; they’re handmade there, too. Cork is a renewable, biodegradable, and traditionally Mediterranean resource. It creates a fabric that is soft, lightweight, waterproof, antibacterial, and as durable as leather. These bags are the epitome of slow fashion.