Source of the Leather for your Leather Items

Leather Bags

There must be large collections of leather bags in your wardrobe. Leather bags look beautiful. They are shiny and classy. Once, using the leather bags were considered to be the style statement for many. From clutches, wallets to shoulder bags, the leather bags stole the heart of both man and woman. Apart from making the bags, leathers are also being used up to make different items such as coats, belts, shoes, sacks, satchels and much more to name. As much it adds up to the styling, leather bags and leather items comes costlier compared to other materials used in making up the products.

Have you ever wondered from where the material leather comes from? The material leather is obtained from the skin of the domestic and the wild animals. In most of the cases, cow, sheep and goats are being used as the source of the material but nowadays, ostriches, snakes and Kangaroos are also considered to be the origination of the leather. Commonly known that leather is obtained after slaughtering the animals for meat but the fact is not trusted fully. The killings of animals are being strictly prohibited by the government but leather industry is considered to be a free industry where for getting the skin the animals are killed and the skin is being extracted.

The cow is considered to be the main source of leather. Though believed that after slaughtering the animals for meat the shin is taken out from the dead animals but in most cases, for getting the skin the animals are made to walk long kilometres without giving them food or water to satisfy their thirst. For making those beautiful bags you are holding in your hand or the trendy leather jacket you are wearing must have been made from one of these types of animals who are been driven towards death. Even to the extreme, the youthful calves have been the source of the softest leather and thus are killed only for the skin at their young ages. Dogs and cats are also being used for making up the leather items.

One big answer to these brutally killing can be given if we people stop using the leather bags and lean towards using the eco-friendly and reusable jute and cotton bags. These trendy looking bags serve various purposes and are made from the natural fibre without harming any animal or mankind. Pricing less; these bags are available from clutches to grocery bags.

If you are still using the leather goods then behold and think for a second about how the animal must have been killed to give you a stylish look.