Digital Printed Jute bags

Sara International is a pioneer in making Digital Printed Jute bags.

Over a period of time screen printing has been done of Jute hand bags and shopping bags. But there has not been improvement is printing what we like.

For this reason we have pioneered the art of making digitally printed bags that can print almost exacly what you want to print that to on Jute in high quantity.

Our bags are made from natural fibres, such as cotton or jute, and can be printed using 3 different print methods, depending on the customer’s artwork requirements.

In this guide we’ll outline how we digitally print your bags, so you have more of an understanding of this method.

Digital printing onto shopping bags is cutting edge as it allows CMYK/full colour images to be printed in small quantities, from only 100 bags, without the need for printing plates.  It opens up  new marketing opportunities across a wide range of paper and polythene carrier bags – perfect products for exhibitions/retail and product launches.