Let’s celebrate Mother Ocean Day This Year!

Environmental ocean day

Water is essential to human life. In fact, it is essential to all of the forms of life known to humankind in general, as there are no known species that can survive without it. Though marine biologists are unsure just how many kinds of creatures reside in our planet’s 5 oceans, it is estimated that about one-quarter of all of the Earth’s species do. Everyone knows how important the oceans are to our civilization—for literally thousands of years, braving the waters has been one of the greatest & bravest feats a human being could accomplish, one that often led to amazing discoveries and the general increase of our knowledge of the planet we inhabit. These are just a few of the reasons why Mother Ocean Day is a long-overdue celebration of our oceans in all of their majesty and peril.

How to Celebrate Mother Ocean Day

There are many things people can do on Mother Ocean Day, what’s important is to pay homage to this incredible force of nature and enjoy what it has to offer to the full. Taking to the waves, whether this be on a boat or a surfboard, is one way to enjoy the day. Snorkeling and diving are both unforgettable ways to get to know the ocean better by taking a look at some of the plants, fish and other creatures living in it. On the other hand if you prefer to stay on dry land, a picnic on the beach while enjoying the calm, soothing sound of the waves could be the best way for you to appreciate the ocean. Just remember to clean up afterwards!

And for those who wish to celebrate the day from the comfort of their own home, eating a meal made from foods of the ocean, such as fish, as well as, shellfish, could be a deliciously appropriate method to observe this wonderful occasion. For example, have you ever tried langoustines? Langoustines are an excellent alternative to lobsters, as they are much cheaper, but have a similar flavor. Some chefs even find it superior to lobster because of its delicate sweetness. They are also very easy to prepare. All that you require is some salty water to briefly boil them, and some garlic butter to brush over them. If you love your barbecue, langoustines can also be barbecued and then dipped in a simple dijon mustard sauce. Originally, langoustines were eaten in Europe. But they have recently become popular in North America as well, so if you have never tried them, this day is the perfect time!

It’s About The Environment

Remember this is an environmental occasion. So you can even celebrate this day by getting or using eco-friendly reusable bag material like handmade jute bags. You can easily get those with all the jute bags manufacturers in the market.

However, regardless of whether it’s Mother Ocean Day or not, we should always respect the oceans and the beaches leading into them by never polluting them in any way. This is so that future generations can enjoy them as much as we do today.