Printing on the Jute Bags

Printing on the Jute Bags

The natural jute fibre is ideal for use as the promotional and wholesale bags. As more people are inclining towards the eco-friendly bags, the need to make it more stylish is becoming a challenge for the fashion industry. Many additions and alterations are being made to match the huge demand of the market. Jute is sometimes mixed with other synthetic fibre to make it more look-able but in no way the positivity of the bags to be overlooked.

Jute bags have gained its popularity over the years because of its 100% biodegradable nature. It has proven its use as one of the strongest and durable materials used for making the eco-friendly bags. Nowadays the bags are being used all over the world. Whether you are wearing a western dress or some ethnic dress, the reusable jute bags can go with all. Even some jute bags come with leather lining that makes it look more stylish. With lots of innovation made in the fashion industry, some jute bags are made big for carrying in the shoulder whereas some are made small to carry in the hand such as the jute clutch bags and the jute purse. Keeping the men in mind, jute wallets are also available in the market.

The jute bags come in the natural golden colour, which looks great but while talking about fashion some may also want to have the colourful bag. To make it more versatile for use, some may also prefer to have some writings on the bags which can be some thought or image or anything that the users like. Printing is possible in the natural fibre bags but before going for a printing process, you need to have a look at the following points;

  • Be sure about the message you want on your bag
  • The message should be short yet targeted
  • Strong colours and bold letter gives a better impression
  • For jute bags, the text size needs to be 22pt or more.
  • Pale colours or white is not suitable for using in the bags printing
  • The graphics image to be printed on the bag need to be high resolution
  • The file format for the graphics image should be .eps, .ai or .cdr.
  • Cost of printing can be reduced by avoiding the use of photographic artwork

Printing can be done on all types jute bags. Go trendy and eco-friendly with the versatile jute bags.