Jute bags manufacturers & exporters are overcoming the issues that traditionally plague buyers

The jute products market has been traditionally plagued by some problems

In a recent change of events, some of the jute bags manufacturers & exporters are coming up with solutions to overcome them. Here’s a list of those issues given below-

  1. Relatively high & unstable prices
  2. Lack of marketing efforts, as well as, lack of information about Indian suppliers of jute products
  3. Poor services, which includes lack of relationship building from the supplier’s end
  4. Unsatisfactory, as well as, inconsistent standard quality products
  5. Very limited investments in designs & variety of products
  6. There are certain technical limitations, when it comes to using jute
  7. Supply chain process has not been streamlined, which in turn results in high lead times, as well as, high level of inefficiency.
  8. High duty and taxes structure. Not to mention the tariff and non tariff barriers in certain specific markets
  9. Inaccessibility of data & information related to jute products such as prices.


However, some jute bags manufacturers & exporters like Sara International have set up their own factories, producing quality products in jute, cotton, canvas, as well as, juco bags & have been marketing & exporting them across the world at stable, affordable & competitive prices. They have streamlined their manufacturing & exporting process with the aim of providing excellent quality service for satisfied customers.