Cotton Bags are in Trend

In today’s world where we get offline sale almost all 365 days our shopping spree remains unsaturated. When it comes to shopping it’s not only the product that one is buying that one has to pay for. The buyer also has to shell some extra bucks to buy plastic bags in order to carry the newly bought materials at the shop. The bigger the size of these bags the higher goes the amount of money that one has to pay for it. Such plastic bags are easily available but are doing no good to the environment nor to the buyer as they can’t be used more than twice. Such plastic bags could be replaced by reusable shopping bags, sometimes called bag-for-life. These bags are ‘Carry-all’ bags made from friendly recycled cotton. Cotton bags usually hold more than a standard brown paper grocery bag. Recycled cotton bags are even more sustainable than organic cotton; Fashionable canvas carry bags come in a variety of patterns and have various features which are listed below. Cotton bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes as per utility. There are quality cotton carry bags, cotton promotional bags, canvas bags etc. available in the market. Starting from simple to complex features, single-compartment styles are excellent for use as grocery bags. Complex styles, like those with zippers or extra compartments and pockets are best suited for use as beach bags or for carrying to school or work than a single-compartment ones.  Additionally, custom canvas bags with gussets simply adds more space to the inside of the bag. It can be made to rest flat on the floor or ground

Canvas & Cotton are very much in demand for their appeal when it comes to a custom bag material and who knows may be the next imprinted shopping bag you will shop for is made of cotton & canvas.  These fabrics are very much in demand among the Cotton bag manufacturers for the following reasons:

1) Perfect strength-to-weight ratio: Your shopping bag should be strong enough to hold heavy groceries and light enough to be carried. Plain Weave knitting technique Canvas. The fabric thus produced which is notoriously strong and can provide as much strength as other materials which tend to be much heavier. You can make a doodle and customize your own cotton canvas bag if you want to stand out from the rest.

2) Durability:  Made from cotton, Canvas is a durable fabric. Its longevity is such that a cotton canvas bag can last for decades, without any tear or wear.

3) Washable:  Cotton & canvas bags require no special care. It can be washed in the washing machine along with the rest of the laundry without the fear of damaging the fabric.  When such bags are used for grocery shopping that is prone to Food leaks and stains, the bags can be easily washed.

4) Ideal for imprinting & promotional purpose: For its receptibility to ink transfer Cotton & canvas is excellent for imprinting. It is the best imprinting material for promotional purposes as the ink or colour used on it does not blot after wash.

5) Environmental:  As the fabric for cotton and canvas bags are fetched from a plant, cotton is a renewable resource.  It is manufactured with low environmental impact and is recyclable.

6) Affordable:  Being an economical fabric, cotton is highly affordable among people of all kind of financial status and age groups including students who have limited pocket money.


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