Problems & Solutions of Cotton Manufacturing Industry In India

Cotton industry is one of the most booming sectors in India today & cotton bags manufacturers are taking advantage of it. However it still has some fundamental problems, which still exists. The various different players in this sector are coming up with innovative, as well as, unique solutions to these problems in order to take advantage of this booming economy that is India. Here’s a list of those problems & solutions that we find in this industry today-

The problems faced by cotton bags manufacturers of the Cotton Textile Industry in India:

  • Long staple cotton is not yet well grown in large parts of the country.
  • A lot of factories are old. As a result of which productivity has been lowered. The plants and machinery employed in many of the textile mills are literally out of date. Having been put to intensive use, they have deteriorated considerably.
  • High price of advanced machinery is an unavoidable constraint for the procurement of new machinery. As a result, the much-needed replacement had to be deferred for quite a few years.
  • The high cost of production is also a hindrance for the growth of this important industry.
  • There is some serious competition from synthetic fibers like polyester, etc.
  • With globalization, there is severe competition in the International Market from countries like Bangladesh, Japan, China, and Britain, etc.
  • Mill-owners experience great difficulties in obtaining the capital needed for the modernization process.
Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable Shopping Bags

Solutions to these problems:

  • The plant and machinery needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Introduction of the more up-to-date, as well as, modernized type of machinery is extremely important. It has to be done without the least delay on priority basis in the interest of producers, as well as, consumers alike.
  • Loan facility should be extended & available with ease to the industries intending to modernize their plant and machinery.
  • Proper infrastructure should be set up for assured availability of necessary items like raw-materials, labour and power. This in turn would ensure steady supply.
  • Economies of large-scale production should be set up to keep the prices of finished products down.

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