Jute at Your Feet

jute slippers

Living in the eco-friendly era, the utility of jute cannot be denied in any way. As people are growing their knowledge over the disadvantages of plastic, we are more likely inclined to the biodegradable bags. May it is the raw material or the processed fibre, jute is been used in many areas of our day-to-day activity. Jute is gaining its popularity through its offering that it makes in different uses of life.

Have you seen the jute decorative in your friend’s house? Or do you like to include some items in your home? The jute wall hangings are much popular and add a look of your house. May it is the owl jute hanging or the jute doll or something else, these pieces always carries the attention of your guest. As a decorative material, jute is also being used for making motifs and partition covers.

Jute has successfully made its position in the fashion industry. Saree, scarf, Kurti there are a number of items that are ruling successfully over the textile industry for long. Even the bags made from jute are gaining their popularity. If you manage to search in your wardrobe, I am sure that you are going to find one in yours too… Right?

Have you felt jute in your feet? If not, then try the comfortable jute slippers. The latest design slippers are cheaper yet give comfort to your feet. With jute or rubber at the base and jute at uppers, the slippers are available in a variety of designs and colours. The jute slippers may have stripes or completely without a strip but wearing that on your feet with jute bag in the shoulder obviously, adds stars to your trendy styling.

Apart from 100% biodegradable and fashionable, here are some features that make it more preferable for use;

  • Rubber sole gives comfort wearing and proper gripping
  • Suitable for rough usage
  • The golden fibre looks good in its natural colour
  • Dying or chemicals usage is not required
  • Can be used for a long period
  • Easy to dispose
  • The jute slippers can be used as garden slippers, gym slippers, beach slippers, poolside slippers, room slippers and much more.

If you still have not used up the jute slippers then you must have one for better comfort.