Go Versatile with Jute

Are uses of jute fibre is still limited in making sacks? Standing in this 21st century, it seems quite hard to say that. Jute stands second in production and usage after cotton. With the growing expedition and researches, jute is now considered to be the vegetable fibre that’s every part can be ut [...]

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Unusual Origin Of Slippers

hotel slippers

As the longest day has come and gone and the Autumn evenings start to draw in, we slip off our shoes for more comfy, warm shoes, “Slippers” or what my mum calls them “House Shoes.” These are favored as we begin to settle in for cosy nights with the central heating cranked up full blast, [&he [...]

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Uses of Jute

Jute is known as the versatile fibre of nature because of its varying uses. During the Industrial Revolution, jute yarn simply replaced flax and hemp fibres, which were used to make sackcloth. Sacking makes up the bulk of manufactured jute products even to this day.  One of the best key features of [...]

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Jute Trade

Jute is mainly a production of Bangladesh and Indian state of West Bengal- a primary reason why major jute bags manufacturers are located in this region. Earlier the Jute was used for domestic consumption by the villagers.  At that time Jute was largely traded by Dutch and French from Bengal. Howev [...]

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Types of Jute

Jute is a natural intervention which occurs without exaggeration or any special effort. It is perfect for making environmental shopping bags. It is one of the most inexpensive fibers that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This gives a rich and naturally golden color to it and is also kn [...]

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Features of Jute Fibres

The versatility of jute fibre makes it a perfect raw material for jute bags manufacturers. Jute is a bast fiber that comes from the inner bark of a jute stem. It is essential to know about the features of every fiber to separate one fiber from the other. Top Features 1.Jute fiber is completely 100% [...]

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History of Jute In India

The word Jute has been derived from the word jhuta or jota an Oriya word. Jute is a natural fibre derived from jute plant and it is usually called as golden fibre due to its golden and silky shine texture. It is one of the most affordable natural fibre after cotton in terms of production […] [...]

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Creating a Brand with Bags

Jute Bag Exporter

With the increase in the business people have started spending a lot on advertising and branding. Promoting your brand with jute is recognized to be an eco-friendly way to market. Promotional Jute Bags is traditional. It also looks trendy and classy. It is best known for its durability, softness, an [...]

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