As the Indian economy emerges as one the fastest growing economic powerhouse in the world, there are certain sectors where investors are finding enormous potential to manufacture, as well as, export. The estimated numbers below speaks for themselves. There is also an example of one of the top jute bags manufacturers in the country. This producer is taking advantage of this booming industry.

Scenario of the Indian textile industry

The Indian textiles industry is estimated at around US $108 billion. Survey shows that it is expected to reach US $ 141 billion by 2021. The Indian textile industry has been known to have the potential to grow 5 times over the next 10 years time period. It will touch US$ 500 billion mark. This US$ 500 billion market consists of domestic sales of US$ 315 billion, as well as, exports of US$ 185 billion.

One of the best examples of a company, which is taking advantage of this booming sector is Sara International. It is a jute bag company. They are among the most eminent jute bags manufacturers, as well as, cotton bags manufacturers & canvas bag manufacturers. Sara rank as one of the top jute bags suppliers, cotton bags suppliers & canvas bags supplier. They have found enormous potential in manufacturing & exporting handmade jute bags, as well as environmental shopping bags made of reusable bag material like jute, cotton, canvas, as well as, juco, which is a combination of jute & cotton material.

jute bag company

Juco Reusable Bag

Other sectors which boosts of enormous growth & potential in the growing Indian economy are defence, automotive, engineering & chemicals. Some other include food processing, leather, pharmaceuticals & electronics. These sectors will bring about the so called 4th industrial revolution. The centrepiece of this revolution would be India. The 21st century will truly become the Indian century. It had been predicted by some of the most eminent economists, as well as, historians across the world.