Different Types of bags

Jute bag with embroidery

Sara International manufactures a wide selection of different types of bag. What might be right for one company may not work for another. Here’s a basic understanding of what you can expect from each type of bag we stock. But two things always remain in common – they’re always ethically manufactured and are great value for money.

Jute Bags

Also incredibly hard-wearing, jute has been used to make things for centuries. It is currently seeing a major resurgence. We offer jute bags, as with all of our products, in a lot of styles and sizes.

Cotton Shopping Bags


Can be produced from either organic or non-organic cotton. For design purposes, up to 12 colors can be printed on each side. Cotton bags are foldable and lightweight. So you can easily transport large numbers of them to events in a car. They’re biodegradable so less impact on the environment.

Canvas Bags


Available in many different styles, the big advantage with canvas bags is that they are incredibly durable – they last for ages. Our stock bags are 10oz, and are available in either black or natural. Or you can talk to us about getting a personalized bag suitable for your requirements.

Bamboo Fabric Bags


Sustainable bamboo bags. This is about one of the most sustainable materials you can get – the bamboo used in our bags is 100% natural, . That is why we wonder why pandas love it so, this is a really versatile material we’re pleased to have as part of our array.